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TimePilot Corporation offers advanced, inexpensive door locks and time and attendance systems, all of which use the iButton, a rugged, key-sized device that identifies its user.

Our lock systems allow employers to give employees limited access to secure areas, track users and quickly re-key locks.

In our time clock systems, the key-sized iButtons are used to identify employees and stop "buddy punching." The systems record payroll data instantaneously, cutting payroll processing time drastically and eliminating math errors, a common cause of employee over- or underpayment.

TimePilot time and attendance systems are in use in all 50 U.S. states, as well as across Canada and in the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, South Pacific, Australia and South Africa.

TimePilot Corporation is an independent company formed with the assistance of Spectrum Companies International, Ltd., in 2001. Spectrum, a 30-year-old Batavia, Illinois, company that manufactures a variety of products and has a client list that includes Panasonic, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, had manufactured the time and attendance system under the InTime name since 1998. In 2002 TimePilot, seeing the benefits of the iButton, added iButton-operated door locks to its product line. The same iButtons used to clock in and out can be used to operate the locks.

TimePilot's time and attendance systems are designed and assembled at our facility in Batavia, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The TimePilot software was also written there. Our locks are assembled in China, and the AccessPilot PC software used to operate CrossOver locks was written at our Batavia headquarters.

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