All about TimePilot's iButton Locks

With TimePilot's CrossOver Locks, one iButton takes the place of an entire ring of keys.

An iButtonWith TimePilot's locks, one iButton (right) takes the place of an entire ring of keys.

A quick quiz:

Question 1: How many locks does your organization have? Don't forget to count storage closets, offices and other secured areas.

Question 2: Do you know exactly where all the keys are? And who's using them?

If you're like most people in business, keeping track of keys and locks and who has access to what is a major headache. TimePilot's iButton Locks can make life much easier for you—and for your employees.

With security costs rising annually, property owners need to be as efficient as possible. There's never a need to call a locksmith with TimePilot's wireless iButton locks—and re-keying takes just seconds.

TimePilot has two distinct categories of locks: those that are "standalone" and those that use the PC software.

Our "standalone" lock—the iButton Solo—is our simplest lock. It comes without PC software, and all setup is done right at the lock. That doesn't mean it isn't powerful, however: The iButton Solo can handle up to 299 users and supervisors can set up iButtons to operate the lock by the hour or by the day or for one-time use. For example, a supervisor could set his iButton to operate the lock at any time; set an employee's iButton to operate the lock only between business hours; and set a repairman's iButton to operate the lock only once.

How do the lock systems work?
Just four photos show you how.

Our locks that use software—the CrossOver X45, CrossOver X25, CrossOver X15 and CrossOver Doorstrike Controller—have even more features. With these products, you set up your iButtons at the PC with the easy-to-use AccessPilot software. That's a real benefit if you have more than a few locks: You don't have to go through the process of setting up each iButton on each lock. You can also generate an audit trail to see who used the lock and when, and the locks can handle more users: up to 800 for the CrossOver Locks.

There are locks in the TimePilot product line for all needs. Looking for a heavy-duty lock that can be used inside or outside? Take a look at the CrossOver X45. Need an indoor/outdoor lock for a storeroom or file room? The CrossOver X25 or iButton Solo is for you. How about a lock for a locker or a cabinet? The CrossOver X15 will fill the bill. If you have an electric doorstrike, our CrossOver Doorstrike Controller is the answer.

All of the TimePilot locks put you in control. Here's how:

  • Employees use only one "key"—their iButton—to open any lock.
  • You control whose iButton will open the locks and whose iButton won't. Each lock can have individual access rights—employees can be given access around the clock, between certain hours and on certain days, or one-time use only.
  • Employees can't make duplicate keys—each iButton is unique and impossible to copy.
  • The locks open with just a tap of the iButton to an illuminated receptor on the lock. Even in the dark, it's easy to use: You don't need two hands and you don't have to turn the key right side up or even aim straight.
  • Has an employee quit and not turned in his iButton? Just delete him or her from the list of people who have access, and presto! The locks are "re-keyed."
  • The locks have two modes of operation:
    1. Classroom Mode: Once a door is opened, the door remains unlocked until an iButton is used to lock it.
    2. Storehouse Mode: The door locks each time it is closed.
  • Using the software, you can track who used the locks and when with your PC.

The locks are simple to install and operate. Each lock is powered by alkaline batteries, which have been tested to operate the lock more than 10,000 times before needing replacement. If you use your lock 15 times a day, that's more than two years! (We recommend replacing the batteries every six months, just to be sure.)

Whether you need 1 lock or 100 locks, we're ready for you

To keep our customers from having to buy more than they need, we've broken down the iButton Lock system into three parts:

Want more information? Check out our Products page, with details about each lock we offer. Visit our Support Center, too—you'll find online copies of our manual and other info there. Finally, if you have any other questions, please contact us by phone at 1-630-879-6400 or by e-mail.