Technical support and troubleshooting

Our support technicians can be reached in several ways:

By phone


Software download: Trial and paid versions

Click the download button below to download the AccessPilot software. After you install the software you'll have two choices:

  • 30-Day Trial: If you want to try the software for 30 days, check the "Evaluation" box during installation. You will have a complete version of the software for that period, so you can see how easy it is to use. If you decide to purchase the software (as part of the Lock Management Kit), you can unlock the paid version of the software by entering the registration number you receive with the kit. The setup information that was entered into the trial version, as well as the data collected, will automatically be transferred to the paid version.
  • Download instead of using the CD: If you have purchased a Lock Management Kit but don't want to use the CD, you can download the software here. You'll be asked to enter the registration number that came with your kit.
Download AccessPilot Software


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Discontinued products

Software troubleshooting

Problem Possible Reason Solution
iButton is not working. Key isn’t set up in system or restricted. Check lock to see if the key has access. See Chapter 4 or 5 in the user manual for instructions.
Red light in lock’s iButton probe; lock beeps three times. Batteries are low. Change batteries and reset the time on lock.
Green light is on and two beeps, but motor is not running. No power to the lock motor. Make sure the motor wire is firmly connected to the two halves of the lock.
Temporary Access Code is not working. Code has expired. Check the expiration date on the access code or reissue an access code.
After changing the batteries, the Temporary Access Code stops working. Internal time is lost. Reset the time on the lock. See Chapter 9 in the user manual for instructions.