X45 iButton Locks are back in stock! Buy now!

TimePilot X45 iButton lock: Smart, Simple, Secure. Stay safe with a 'Panic Button': one press and the door is locked from the inside.

The heavy-duty CrossOver X45 works with our AccessPilot PC software, handles up to 800 users and is weatherproof, too.

With TimePilot's CrossOver X45 iButton locks and AccessPilot software, you can:

CrossOver X45
  • Operate locks with just a touch using rugged, secure iButtons.
  • Use a single iButton as a key for multiple locks.
  • Add and delete users for multiple locks in seconds—no need to call a locksmith.
  • Set locks to unlock and lock automatically at certain times of day.
  • In an emergency, lock up a facility from inside in just an instant.
  • Restrict users from operating the locks by day or by time.
  • Track who used the lock and when they used it.
  • Install locks without wiring: They're battery powered.

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Sample setups

Basic setup

Dr. Jennifer Carlson is a physician who needs to secure her office's file room to comply with federal privacy laws. Besides herself, she wants to give only her office manager access to the room. For extra security, she wants the locks to relock about 5 seconds.

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More advanced setup

Mike Gallant has purchased two CrossOver locks, a Lock Management Kit and 10 iButtons for his motorcycle shop. One of the X45 locks will go on the employee entrance to the shop; the other on the door of his parts room. Gallant will run the software on the PC.

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Looking for powerful, affordable timeclocks that use the same iButtons as CrossOver locks?

TimePilot has 4 answers!

1TimePilot Extreme BlueTimePilot Extreme Blue:
If you work outside, this is the system for you!

Two models: Extreme Blue, a complete system using just the Extreme Blue clock and your smartphone; and Extreme Blue Enhanced, adding PC software and allowing you to send your data through the cloud to your headquarters. As always, no monthly fees! Starts at just $529.

2TimePilot Tap+TimePilot Tap+:
The perfect portable timeclock!

Tap+ weighs just 5 ounces and fits in a pocket, toolbox or glove compartment, but it can handle up to 2,000 employees and runs for up to a year on a single charge. To download the data, simply plug it into your PC. Starter kit comes with 10 iButtons. Just $299.

3TimePilot VetroTimePilot Vetro: Elegant touchscreen!

Use it 2 ways: Plugged into your network, where it gathers data in real time; or cable-free. With 10 iButtons. Just $349.

4TimePilot PCTimePilot PC: Clock in right at your desk!

Employees click the timeclock on their screens to clock in. Put one on every desk! Starts at just $129!